In the business world, the internet seems to be the great equalizer, at least for those that get business. Just because you can set up a business blog does not make you an entrepreneur, nor does it make you a blog writer. I don’t claim to be a great writer, in fact, this blog has helped to hone those skills, but I do claim to be a true business junkie. I pick up a good business book and can’t seem to put it down. I think of an idea for a business, beat it to death in my head and if it has the possibility to work I will beat it to death on paper in the form of a business plan.

These things about me aside I do think that the internet is a fantastic place for business and a venue that levels the playing field. What makes the internet a great place for business?

Domain Names

You can pick up a great domain name and immediately be playing ball with the big boys. It’s like doing business in the big city versus that of a small town (good domain vs. bad domain). Your domain name can make or break your business, plain and simple. Money can buy a great domain name and creative thinking can help you to come up with the same. Your business depends on it.

The Internet Itself

What a great place to do business. You can sit anywhere in the world and be able to play on the greatest piece of real estate available, your domain name. Yes, I do think domain names are very important.

You Make Your Own Strategy

You make or break yourself (for the most part) on the internet. For instance, you can promote yourself and your business through so many venues on the internet for free that you could essentially make something from nothing. With free hosting, free layouts, and free promotion how much money does one really need to get started? Ah, the price of a domain name and your precious time.

I’m not naive enough to think that people are going to spend absolutely nothing on promotion and rise to the top quickly, but if someone were to create a business out of nothing this would be the place to do it. OK, enough rambling, but for those of you out there that are asking; What is the best way to make money on the internet? I have the solution. Stop asking the question and start learning about the internet and domain names, read business blogs, etc.

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