If you are looking for jewelry that is romantic by anyone’s standards, gold Celtic jewelry is the way to go. Irish culture and history is rich with traditions of love, whether it’s romantic love or the strong love felt between kinds of family. Gold has long been used to lend an elegant and sophisticated look to jewelry, so combining its timeless look with the chronicles of Celtic symbols makes for a romantic and lovely gift for anyone in your life you love.

For some, what immediately springs to mind when the subject of love is broached is the love between two people who take the vows of marriage. Theirs is a commitment to last a lifetime, and they promise to love one another until death do them part. Gold Celtic wedding rings are a beautiful way to symbolize a couple’s commitment to one another, whether they are rings exchanged on the actual wedding day, or bought for one another some years down the road to renew promises they made to one another

Rings like these don’t need to be saved for occasions like Valentine’s Day-celebrate love any day of the year with your spouse. The wonderful thing about Celtic wedding rings is that they can be bought for both men and women, so you can have matching rings that compliment one another perfectly yet speak to your individual tastes.

Although earrings might not be the first thing that springs to mind when you think romance, it is actually a wonderfully romantic gift, especially when they are gold Celtic earrings. The Claddagh story is one of the best known Irish folklore tales, and the image of the heart, crown and clasping hands is seen on jewelry around the world to represent all types of love seen between two people. If you know someone who appreciates historical significance, Celtic culture and just a darn good story, maybe a pair of gold Claddagh earrings would melt their heart. Moreover you can get hefty discounts on them by using revolution race discount code. Moreover, on items other than that you can use castore discount code to save some bucks.

Gold Celtic earrings become even more exquisite when they are combined with one of the world’s most romantic gemstones-the diamond. Look for earrings that combine Celtic knots like the Trinity knot along with clusters of diamonds. If you know someone who loves to wear brightly colored jewelry combined with gold, keep your eye out for earrings with gemstones like amethyst and emerald. These dazzling stones can be found in gold Celtic earrings dropping down off of simple Celtic knot work designs, and they are sure to please the lady in your life who loves to color outside the lines a bit.

Even if someone is a romantic at heart, they might not be the type who likes jewelry dangling from their ears. Maybe they prefer to dress up an outfit with a necklace. For those people in your life, look no further than gold Celtic pendants. They can be found from the simple to the elegantly ornate, and all simply proclaim love. If you have been married for years and your wife has given you a family of beautiful children, why not celebrate her with a Celtic knot family birthstone pendant?

You can choose individual pendants to hang on a chain in all of your children’s birthstones, thanking her for bringing them into the world and helping create the wonderful family you know today. She’ll probably think it’s one of the most romantic gestures she has ever seen. If you know someone who gravitates toward the heart symbol but also loves anything Irish, seek out a heart shaped pendent with a Trinity knot. The Trinity knot has the symbolism of eternity, and the gold heart will let them know just how much you love them. gold Celtic pendants are a surefire way to any Irish romantic’s heart this year.

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