The importance of the right pair of shoes is much more than we normally comprehend. You will be amazed to know how lightly most of us take the whole process of buying a shoe. Our feet which are our main driving force depends on the quality of the shoe. Any negligence will most likely result in restricted functioning of your feet coupled with soreness, pain, and much more. Below we have compiled some mistakes which must be kept in mind before buying a pair of shoes to make sure your feet stay comfortable.

  • Often it so happens that we buy shoes in a hurry. Much of our attention is spent on how it looks. Moreover, we consider it enough to try on one shoe and buy it hastily without trying on the other. This is wrong. Always try on both shoes and don’t just stand in front of the mirror, walk a bit to see how they feel. It is much better than finding out later that the shoe isn’t compatible with you.
  • Salesmen have a knack for making you buy the pair not exactly right for you by saying things like it will open up or the leather will adjust itself. Nothing is farther from the truth. Only buy the pair which gives you the most comfortable feel instantly. That’s it.
  • Always avoid measuring your feet while sitting down. Feet tend to expand a bit when you stand up. So if you buy a shoe based on the sitting measurement, it won’t be your true size and resultantly less comfortable. Always measure while standing up to get the feet measured to their full extent.
  • Most of us prefer the style or appearance of the shoe over its comfortability. This is the worst mistake possible while buying a shoe. Always choose a shoe for its flexibility and the support it provides to your whole body not just to your feet.
  • While buying a shoe, make sure that it is comfortable at the tip along the fingers and doesn’t pinch there. This is the point where it is promised that it will get better but it rarely does. Select the pair which feels in the shape of your foot and sits perfectly aligned.
  • We often go shoe shopping without giving much thought to the essentials. Take the example of running shoes, which we buy without trying them on with the kind of socks we usually use. So, when we do try them after buying it doesn’t fit right. The fabric of the socks varies and you must keep a pair of such socks with you when you go shoe shopping. Similarly, your last shoe size is no standard guide to buying a new one. Always have fresh measurements beforehand.
  • The shoe brand also plays a part in your shoe size and selection. Always choose a quality-focused brand that offers comfortable shoes without creating a dent in your wallet. If you are looking for elastic shoe laces for adults, straight laces can be one such place where you can find comfort and style in one place.
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