Information technology has changed the way people used to interact, communicate, and be friends and foster relationships. First it was email facility that played a leading role in disseminating information and connecting people. But today people use social media to because it is quick and information shared on social media spreads like viral fever. This website gives forecasts the latest information technology trends.

Long time back, people used to interact through forums. Many forums are still working today and people find them just perfect for discussing burning issues, latest developments in the world economy and breaking social relations. Forum is the place for meeting of minds. People take part in many forums and they spend hours discussing things on forums. You can find a forum on every website and this is an indication of the popularity of forums. Forums are here and they will remain in our forecast of the latest information technology trends.

Birth of social media gave a reason to the Internet users to remain online. Today people no longer become online just for managing their inbox or surfing web pages. They come online to see what others are doing on social platforms. They read latest news on social media and react to the developments taking place in the world. Social media has united the world and this is evident from people vouching for freedom of speech and a pollution free world. Today everyone has an account on a social media and there could be no denying to this fact.

The social media is expanding and this is evident from the increasing number of people one can find on social media at any given time. There is Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, Twitter and many social platforms. In the coming years, we would have more social platforms because the present platforms are unable to fulfill the demands of Internet users. In our forecast of latest information technology trends, social media is going to see drastic changes like creating groups.

Instant messaging on social platforms would be the favorite mode of communication in the coming years. Some social media platforms allow voice calling and video calling. People want to interact with others and they find new ways to talk to their friends and they want to make more friends. Social media platforms give them an opportunity to find friends and make groups. People are just happy to find that they are heard and others are waiting to hear from them.

Accessibility of social media from mobile phones is blessing for people who love to stay connected with the outside world. The latest information technology trends indicate that mobiles would be used as pocket PCs and people would spend most of their time on social networking website.

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