Hearing is one of the five senses. It is of great importance for a comfortable and convenient life. There is no doubt that your hearing should be checked regularly to diagnose problems with it in time. In recent years, tests that can be performed online, i.e., without leaving your home, have been quite popular. Are their results reliable? Can you believe them?

It depends if the test has been done correctly

Always perform the online hearing test strictly following the instructions. You have to stick to instructions; otherwise, the test result cannot be considered reliable. It is very important. The simplest test is to turn on the speakers and move away from the computer at the indicated distance. Then, the test will play a recording consisting of words spoken at different volumes. The test person’s task is to repeat them.

If he/she repeats them correctly, it means that their hearing is fine. However, if the examined person twists the words, guesses them, or simply does not hear them, it is a sign that an appointment with a specialist is necessary. So at the moment, it must be assumed that the online hearing test can be reliable, but only if it is done correctly. Moving closer than the indicated distance may cause the obtained result to be false. This means that it is very easy to make a mistake that can lull your vigilance and leave your hearing problems overlooked.

Safer with a specialist

The online hearing test should be performed as the first step in self-diagnosis. However, it should be remembered that its results will never be as reliable as the results of a hearing test conducted by a hearing specialist. It is similar to an online eye exam. You can perform such an online eye exam, but the result of such an exam will not be sufficient as a basis for selecting glasses. Online tests are carried out according to a set pattern.

It will not change only because the examined person did not understand the task or was not ready yet. It also happens that the test result is so bad that the specialist will immediately conduct further tests to confirm or exclude the initial result. Thanks to this, you are also one step closer to diagnosis and decision about implementing the appropriate treatment. No online test can replace contact with a living person. 

Online? Only for people who know how

Speaking of hearing problems, it should be remembered that they very often affect the elderly, who do not always have the appropriate equipment and the knowledge to conduct an online hearing test on their own. In their case, online solutions may turn out to be useless. Therefore, such a test is simply not a solution for them, so you need to be aware that such people will have to consult a specialist anyway to obtain a reliable test result.

There is nothing wrong with that because, during such a visit, you can often choose a hearing aid right away or improve the adjustment of the currently used device.

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